Professional motivational speaker who speaks to those seeking change.

Dr. Linnea Buckhalter, CC, CCP , PhD.

Dr. Buckhalter has spoken at churches, schools and women empowerment seminars for over 10 years as a professional public speaker. She currently specializes in workshop, Dr. Buckhalter has the ability to engage your guest and teach them about changing their life. Dr. Buckhalter offering a straight to the point approach, her goal is to keep you engage and informed about life, love and relationships. Being a motivational speaker has been a rewarding experience. 

Congratulations Dr. Buckhalter

2nd Place Toastmasters International Speech Contest


Her speech was : The Road To Authenticity

Dr. Buckhalter Speaking Topics

Chasing Love

Chasing love can been one of the most hardest things you can ever experience. Understanding the true meaning of love, life and faith is what we all want. Allow Dr. Buckhalter to share her personal journey of how she chased love and learned how to love properly. 

The God Designed Marriage

Dr. Buckhalter has created an 3 hour marriage seminar on how to live your marriage through the way God Designed. The seminar focuses on theses topics: Communication, Family, Faith, Intimacy and Marriage Goals. 

Before I Say "I Do"

The before I say "I Do" workshop is an 3 hour workshop for engaged couples who are not looking for the full length course but just want some highlights of how to start a happy marriage. Dr. Buckhalter focuses on : Faith communication, trust, intimacy, money and family. 


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