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This remarkable journey began in March 2007, while sitting at her desk in a small cubicle, staring at her computer screen and annoyed by her blackberry continuous buzzing; Dr. Linnea Buckhalter knew this was not her path. Linnea has always helped friends, co-workers and family overcome their obstacles in life. Since she was a young teen she dreamed of being a counselor to help others. However, she followed the direction of her mom and went into advertising and spent 20 years in this field. Dr. Buckhalter knew she had the potential to do more with her time. She knew she had to first correct her path; by getting to know herself and better the relationships with those she loved most. 

In 2008, she hired her own Life Coach and begun to rediscover herself. During  process Dr. Buckhalter faith and love for the Lord strengthen. Understanding, wholeheartedly without faith, hope and love, many things are not possible. In this same year, Dr. Buckhalter began her studies to obtain her Doctorate Degree. 

In 2009, she formed the Doctor Passion Brand. Doctor Passion provided couples with the knowledge of how to be happy with each other on an intimate level. For four years Dr. Buckhalter educated couples on how stay committed in their relationship by hosting co-ed intimate parties for couples at their homes. 

In 2011, she received her Life Coach Certification from the Certified Coaches Federation. 

In 2012, she obtained her Doctorate in Philosophy with a concentration in Psychology and Sexual Therapy. 

In 2014, she was ordained as a marriage officiant by the American Marriage Ministries. Which, at that time she founded Buckhalter Coaching & Marriage Ministries. The mission of Buckhalter Coaching & Marriage Ministries is to provide intimate focused solutions to individuals & couples who want to rediscover their lives through the mind, body & soul.

Dr. Buckhalter goal is to touch individuals and couples in three ways. First, through the mind: by re-aligning your thoughts to allow you to be better than you imagine. Second, through the body: Understanding your body is a vessel which requires attention. Finally, through the soul: Teaching you how to increase your spiritual walk in life and enhancing your faith.  

Today, Dr. Buckhalter specializes in traditional & non-traditional civil unions; including life, premarital, marriage and intimacy coaching services. She also speaks to churches and marriage groups throughout the state of Georgia.  

She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband of 21 years and their 3 children. Dr. Buckhalter stands by her personal motto of: “I will not live a selfish, self-centered life. I will trust in God to place the right blessing in my life, so I can bless others with my gift of living a life of faith, hope and love.”

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