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In 2007, Dr. Linnea Buckhalter a former 18 year Advertising Executive; realized her current path was not her purpose. 

Linnea has always helped her friends, co-workers and family overcome obstacles in their lives. She knew sitting in a cubicle, looking at a computer screen was not her path. She first started to correct her path by getting to know herself first. She hired her own Life Coach to help her overcome her obstacles in life. 

In 2011, She received her Life Coach Certification from the Certified Coaches Federation. In 2012, she obtained her Doctorate in Philosophy with a concentration in Psychology. In 2013, she was ordained officiant by the American Marriage Ministries. At this time she founded Buckhalter Coaching & Marriage Ministries. Dr. Buckhalter provides intimate focused solutions to individuals & couples who want to rediscover their lives through the mind, body & soul.

Dr. Buckhalter, specialize in traditional & non-traditional civil unions; in addition, to providing life, premarital, marriage and intimacy coaching services. She enjoys being a wife, mother and mentor to others. 

She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband of 19 years and their 3 children. Dr. Buckhalter stands by her motto of: “I will not live a selfish, self-centered life. I will trust in God to place the right blessing in my life, while I’m busy helping others”. 

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